Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to Make a Sandwich in the Summertime

Bake your bread the day before. Since you’re making your own, you can add a bit of molasses for flavor and extra iron (yes, daughter, I hear you), and of course throw in at least a cupful of rolled oats. Make several small rounds so that you have extra to drop off with the neighbors; you never know when you’re going to need a favor, and if you’ve given them fresh baked bread, you’ll never hesitate to say, ‘Hey, I need a small favor….’

Before you start your sandwich, brew some tea and set it aside to cool. Fresh brewed iced tea in the summer. Ahhhhh….

Carve off two slices of bread and pop them in the toaster to warm up. This will also refresh the fresh-bread-out-of-the-oven aroma that permeated the house yesterday. While they heat, cut some slices of that lovely fresh mozzarella from Trader Joe’s, and slice up at least one quarter of a ripe avocado. Thin slices of tomato are critical as well, but the tomato must have come from a friend’s garden, or your own, or at least a roadside vendor—no hot house toms!! Spread some butter on the warm toast, add the cheese, tomato, avocado and some alfalfa sprouts or micro-greens or fresh spinach leaves or…? Dust with sea salt and close.

Pour your tea in a tall glass with lots of ice. Take your sandwich and tea outside to sit on the back deck. Take your cat with you. As you eat, watch the stellar jays gather in the trees overhead. The crust of your bread will be crispy from the toaster. Try to catch the pieces as they crumble off and toss them out into the yard for the jays. Watch the little cat’s bottom wiggle as the jays swoop down to snatch the bread. Listen as the jays’ squawks are echoed by family members far off in the canyon who fly in to get in on the action. Peer far up into the tall oaks and try to spot the Cooper’s hawk that keeps complaining about the disruption of his daily chipmunk hunt. Laugh at the goofy woodpeckers who’ve arrived dressed in formal attire—tuxedos and bright red party hats—only to find that there’s nothing here for them to eat. (Oh, I know how that feels!)

Save the last bit of bread crust to break into pieces and toss around the yard, just to watch the little kitty go crazy as the jays swoop and squawk and steal from each other. Stretch your legs into a warm sun spot and think about taking a nap, the most delicious dessert for a meal of this kind.


  1. How dare you post this where my husband can read it and then turn to me with that "why don't you ever make bread from scratch?" look?! Thanks ma. (and i fully expect one of those little loaves tomorrow!) :)

  2. Good Heavens, and I am stuck at this desk doing payroll. I gotta get out of here and make myself a sandwich, even if I only have store bought bread.

  3. I know we talked about going to lunch soon... but I am not sure you should ever come off your mountain if you are going to have meals that wonderful.

  4. A "small favor"? Anyone who cooks homemade bread for me gets BIG favors. I'll paint their house ... wash their car ... weed their garden ... proofread their manuscript ... raise their children ... hide them from the "authorities"!

  5. Hmmm, let's see if we can arrange that, JP. I do have a manuscript--about snakes--that needs proofreading!