Monday, February 13, 2012


Did you hear it, a little over an hour ago? Perhaps not. It was one word, and it’s not like I shouted. Sugar Plum (like me) is easily disturbed by loud noises. Still. I did say it out loud.


I have finished the dog book.

So thanks to all of you who put in your two cents’ worth a year and a half ago and said, ‘Yes, write that book.’ Although I’ll have you know it has been the most difficult writing I have ever done.

But it is… done. Oh my Buddha, it is finally done.

Now comes the fun part—editing, book design… and then release. I absolutely cannot wait.

One hundred percent of the net proceeds of this book will go to animal rescue.

Stay tuned; I’ll need your help with all of that.

But for now… Booyah.

I would have told you sooner, but after the final keystroke, I just had to take a walk with Dolly Parton, Evanescence, Yo Yo Ma, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and others to celebrate. Special thanks to John Mayer for reminding me that it’s OK to “say what you need to say.”

So yes, that was me, up by the waterfall in full rain gear… dancing.